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RinRin Doll in Crystal Dream Carnival in the Angelic Pretty SakuraCon Fashion Show.  Photo by Raymond Kwan Photography.

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I’m off of work today! Had to dress up of course #kawaii #lolitafashion #lolita #angelicpretty #ootd #ootn #lookbook

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hello kidney: my search for a kidney transplant 



My name is Victoria. I’m a twenty five year old college student. I model and run a fashion blog. I live in Connecticut, where I’m dating a great guy and play kitty-mommy to two tuxedo kittens. This is my tumblr about my search for a kidney transplant and organ donation.

Although a blogger…

A good friend of mine really needs your help <3 Please give this a read <3


Dresses, 1920s-70s - By Charlotte Dymock.


From the new Angelic Pretty e-mook